Denise Marie Morgan  Obituary What Happened To Denise Marie Morgan? 

Denise Marie Morgan was an iconic member of her community and family in Nevada who passed away peacefully at age 55 on February 14, 2011 in her own home at Yerington. Denise’s legacy of love, passion and dedication left a profound mark upon those she touched deeply – whether community members, close family, friends or herself.
This article seeks to commemorate her life, exploring the multifaceted aspects that made her so unique.

Who Was Denise Marie Morgan?

Born July 18, 1955 in Columbus, Ohio to Howard P. and Joan B. (Thomas) Morgan, Denise developed multiple interests and talents during her life. Later she relocated from Riverside California to Yerington Nevada so as to be closer to Rianna – this move highlighted Denise’s strong dedication to family.

What Were Denise’s Passions and Interests?

Denise was a woman of diverse interests and passions. She was an active member of the South Lyon Medical Center auxiliary, contributing her time and energy to the community. Her artistic side was expressed through beautiful needlepoint works, showcasing her creativity and attention to detail.Denise had many diverse interests; one being motorcycle riding; she especially appreciated Harley Davidson bikes; in addition to that, her cats Scooter and Harley brought immense pleasure into her life. These various activities show she possessed an abundance of hobbies to fill her days.

How Did Denise Contribute to Her Community?

Denise’s involvement in the South Lyon Medical Center auxiliary highlights her dedication to her community. Her contribution to the auxiliary demonstrates her willingness to engage in and support community wellness and healthcare, a testament to her compassionate nature.

What Can We Learn About Denise’s Family Life?

Family was evidently a central aspect of Denise’s life. Her decision to move to Yerington to be with her granddaughter Rianna speaks volumes about her prioritization of family. She is survived by her two sons, William and Jacob Pearson; her brothers, Denis and Danny Morgan; her sister, Deana Morgan; her mother, Joan Morgan; and her granddaughter, Rianna. This close-knit family structure underscores the love and bonds she nurtured during her life.

How Did Denise’s Love for Motorcycles Reflect Her Personality?

Denise’s love for Harley Davidson motorcycles reveals a free-spirited and adventurous side. This hobby indicates a person who cherished the thrill of the open road and the sense of freedom it brings. Her passion for motorcycles adds a unique dimension to her personality, showcasing her as someone who embraced life with enthusiasm and vigor.

What Is the Significance of Her Memorial Service?

On Sunday, February 27th at 2 PM at Freitas Rupracht Funeral Home in Yerington Nevada will take place a memorial service to remember and commemorate Denise. Family, friends, and community members can come together in mourning her life while sharing stories, memories and reflecting upon its impact upon those affected by Denise’s life.

How Can the Community and Loved Ones Honor Denise’s Memory?

In addition to attending the memorial service, loved ones and community members are invited to sign her online guest book at This digital memorial offers a space for sharing memories, expressing condolences, and celebrating the life of Denise Marie Morgan. It serves as a collective tribute, capturing the essence of her spirit and the love she shared with others.

Denise Marie Morgan’s life was defined by love for family and community service as well as diverse interests that kept her interested. As we commemorate Denise Morgan’s memory lingers within those she leaves behind as an inspirational tale, reminding them to follow their passions while strengthening family bonds and making meaningful contributions in society. Denise’s example should serve as a lasting testament to a life well lived – we salute her legacy!