Sandra Farina Obituary What Happened To Sandra Farina?

Sandra Kaye Farina was an integral member of Dunedin, Florida and will be deeply missed. Born July 10, 1948 in Big Creek, West Virginia, Sandra was widely respected due to her lively personality and caring nature – loved as daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend who strived daily to bring comfort to those she touched through life. She will always remain remembered with love.

What Made Sandra’s Early Years Special?

Sandra Thomas began her life’s journey in Big Creek, West Virginia where she was born to Robert Eugene and Winona Bell Thomas. Growing up among a large family helped instill in Sandra the values of love, resilience, and community despite having suffered both her parents’ deaths as well as those of several siblings; ultimately laying the groundwork for who she would become as an individual.

How Did Sandra Impact Her Community?

Sandra was a treasure to her community. For many years she served as cashier at Ace Hardware Store where her warm smile and friendly demeanor earned her widespread adoration from customers and staff alike. Sandra’s commitment to serving others reflected a deep-seated sense of civic duty, along with a genuine desire to make positive impactsful changes on other’s lives.

What Were the Joys of Sandra’s Life?

Sandra found joy in the simple pleasures of life. She delighted in spending time with family and friends, drawing people together through cooking as celebration and fellowship. From visiting family in Limestone to enjoying casino gambling to giving and receiving hugs freely – her love for life was undeniable and unwavering.

Who Mourns Sandra’s Passing?

Loss of Sandra has left an enormous void in our lives. Her loss will be mourned by many – her husband Gerald Farina, daughter Melissa Farina, son Michael Farina, grandchild Carolynne Sawyer as well as extended family including siblings-in-laws-nieces-nephews-friends mourn her absence deeply.
Each of them carries forward the legacy of love and kindness that Sandra embodied.

What Legacy Does Sandra Leave Behind?

Sandra’s legacy is one of unwavering love and selfless care. She had an enormously positive influence on both family and friends alike; her nurturing nature and ability to bring light into any situation made her irreplaceable in their lives. She will long be remembered for providing comforting words or meals when needed – she was never short on warm embraces or offering up words of advice!

What Are the Details of Sandra’s Graveside Services?

An eleven o’clock graveside service to honor Sandra will take place Saturday at Bell Family Cemetery in Limestone with Wayne Miller officiating the service and allow those who knew and loved Sandra an opportunity to reunite in rememberance and farewell.

How Can Friends and Family Honor Sandra’s Memory?

Friends and family of Sandra can join her friends at her cemetery visitation from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on May 26, 2018, to share memories, show support to one another, and remember what a remarkable life Sandra lived.

Who Will Serve as Pallbearers at the Service?

At Sandra’s funeral service, family and friends will serve as pallbearers as an appropriate tribute. Their involvement will allow those closest to her an opportunity to participate meaningfully in her final journey and show their affection and respect in an emotive gesture that speaks volumes about who they were as individuals and as human beings.

In What Ways Will Sandra Be Fondly Remembered?

Sandra Farina will long be remembered with fondness as an exceptional family member, caring friend and compassionate community member. Sandra left behind memories that will forever reflect the warmth, kindness, love and resilience she demonstrated during her lifetime – serving as a reminder that every moment and relationship should be treasured in life.

Sandra Kaye Farina will always be remembered fondly, leaving behind an inspiring legacy of kindness, resilience, love, and generosity for family and friends to remember her by. We offer our condolences as we mark her passing; may her memory live on.