So Player Error Connecting to Server – How can you use SO player?

So player error connecting to server: Now everyone is addicted to cell phones by age and everyone is using smart cell phones. Furthermore, with the advancement of the internet and technology, everyone can access it.

This changed the future of television and people can now watch their shows on the mobile phone with streaming apps. In Canada and the United States, every other mobile user has online streaming apps installed.

Besides, online streaming apps are easy to use these days and anyone can use them personally on their Android and iOS phones.

Let’s see some details of the online streaming SO player app.

What is so player?

During So Player Error Connecting to Server code analysis, we understand that SO player is an online streaming app and video player. It is an IPTC application for Android and iOS mobile phone users to stream media content. Furthermore, this is not the same as IPTV services, such as live channels, TV shows and movies.

It is a media player that also serves as a media content library for its end users. Furthermore, users can install this app on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, MacOS and Windows operating systems.

How can you use SO player?

During So Player Error Connecting to Server, we get that to use this app, you need to activate the app. to start the app, the activation codes of the providers are displayed. The content in this streaming app depends on the provider’s activation code.

But this online streaming app for players. shows an error code on a mobile device. There are some issues and errors mentioned by the support time, such as wrong login credentials, no subscriber assigned to device, device type not allowed, EC 10: no subscriber assigned, EC 11: account expired, EC 50: unable to authenticate with IP address, reach the maximum number of the device and some other issues will be resolved by the support team.

But now it shows a new error to its users. Let’s take a detailed look at this error code.

What is the player error when connecting to the server?

This online streaming app always provides the update to keep your viewing experience. After last year’s 2020 update, users of this streaming app are facing some error codes.

These errors occurred due to new updates and many users fix app error issues through support service, but some users are unable to connect their app to the server to watch online videos.

All official SO player accounts do not state the reason for this error code. Some users may face it. So, the solution to this error may be in your device.

One possible solution to fix, so player error connecting to server.

The reason for this error code could be your network problem so you can try to reset your network services or reinstall the app after uninstalling.

Final verdict

The problem occurs on some devices but that’s why there is no official solution yet.

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Originally posted 2023-10-31 07:37:14.