Walt Garrison Cause Of Death And Obituary: Who Was Walt Garrison? How Dallas Cowboys Legend Die?

In the vast constellation of sporting legends, Walt Garrison shone brightly, drawing admiration from the rodeo arena to the football field. With his recent passing, the sporting world paused to honor his multifaceted legacy. Through a comprehensive look into his life and accomplishments, this essay delves into the enduring mark that Garrison left behind.

Key Details

Aspect Detail
Birth Date July 23, 1944
Death Date October 12, 2023
Birthplace Denton, Texas
Major Affiliation Dallas Cowboys
Super Bowl Achievement Super Bowl VI Champion (1972)
NFL Career Span 1967-1974
Notable Health Battle Alzheimer’s Disease
University Attended Oklahoma State University

From Rodeo Arenas to College Football

Growing up in Denton, Texas, Walt Garrison’s childhood was punctuated by the sounds of horses and cheers from rodeo fans. It was in these early years that Garrison’s love for steer riding became evident. However, as he progressed into Oklahoma State University, Garrison demonstrated that his athleticism wasn’t just confined to the rodeo. His prowess on the football field led to him being named an All-Big Eight Conference selection twice and achieving academic All-American status.

Walt Garrison’s NFL Journey

Joining the NFL in 1966 as a fifth-round draft pick for the Dallas Cowboys, Garrison quickly became an integral part of the team’s offense. His agility and intuitive understanding of the game made him stand out, enabling the Cowboys to clinch the Super Bowl VI in 1972. Throughout his NFL career, which spanned from 1967 to 1974, Garrison displayed a consistency and dedication that became the gold standard for aspiring players.

Garrison’s Battle with Alzheimer’s

While Garrison’s exploits on the field are well-documented, his fight against Alzheimer’s disease off the field painted a picture of true resilience. The cognitive degenerative disorder known for causing memory loss, confusion, and mental disintegration, posed significant challenges for Garrison. The exact extent of this ailment’s role in his demise remains speculative, but what’s undeniable is his unwavering courage in its face.

A World Reacts: Tributes Pour In

As the news of Garrison’s passing was made public, the world united in mourning. Messages of condolences and tribute poured in from every corner. Former teammates from the Cowboys, NFL peers, rodeo enthusiasts, and countless fans shared heartfelt memories, emphasizing Garrison’s influence in both football and rodeo circles.

Garrison’s Dual Legacy: Rodeo and Football

While many athletes leave an imprint in their chosen sport, Garrison was unique in his contributions to both rodeo and football. His legacy not only captures Super Bowl triumphs and pivotal NFL plays but also moments atop steers, basking in rodeo glory. This dual legacy establishes Garrison as a rare breed of athlete who mastered diverse arenas with unparalleled grace.


In Walt Garrison’s story, we find the essence of determination, versatility, and excellence. His legacy, both on the rodeo grounds and the football field, will serve as a beacon for future generations, reminding them of the boundless possibilities of talent when coupled with sheer determination. As the world bids farewell to this iconic athlete, Garrison’s spirit, both as a Super Bowl champion and a rodeo enthusiast, continues to inspire many.


  • Walt Garrison was a renowned Dallas Cowboys running back and Super Bowl VI champion, also known for rodeo passion.
  • When and where was he born?
  • He was born on July 23, 1944, in Denton, Texas.
  • What’s notable about Garrison’s college years?
  • At Oklahoma State University, he was a two-time All-Big Eight Conference selection and an academic All-American.
  • Which Super Bowl did Garrison help the Cowboys win?
  • Garrison helped the Cowboys win Super Bowl VI in 1972.
  • What Is walt garrison’s cause of death?
  • Walt Garrison grappled with Alzheimer’s disease for several years before his passing.

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