David Swain Obituary: What Happened to David Swain?

David Anthony Swain, a resident of Jamestown, RI, was not just another name. Born on Louisville, Kentucky’s shores, David embodied the spirit of the water, leaving an indelible mark on everyone who had the privilege of knowing him.

Key Details

Detail Information
Full Name David Anthony Swain
Date of Birth [Not provided]
Date of Passing August 2022
Hometown Louisville, Kentucky
Residence Jamestown, RI
Parents Late Donald and Betty Swain
Siblings Late Regina Hill and Rick Swain
Children Jennifer and Jeremy
Grandchildren Three grandchildren
Profession Small Business Owner
Community Service Member, Jamestown Town Council
Memorial Service November 27, 2022, Cranston-Murphy Funeral Home, North Kingstown, RI

What Defined David’s Passion?

Throughout his life, David held a profound admiration for the water. He channeled this love into multiple pursuits—scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, and captaining boats. The serenity of the waves and the mysteries beneath the water’s surface captivated him, making the aquatic world his ultimate playground.

Where Did He Make a Difference?

David’s commitment to his community shone brightly in his tenure with the Jamestown Town Council. As a small business owner, David not only boosted the local economy but also actively partook in governance, shaping the town’s future with diligence and care.

When Did David Explore Other Interests?

Beyond the water, David explored other avenues of creativity. He had an artistic touch, evident in his love for carpentry and photography. His eye for detail made his photographs unique, capturing moments that transcended the boundaries of time. Similarly, his carpentry skills showcased a blend of functionality with artistry, making everyday items objects of beauty.

Why Remember David Swain?

To many, David was a father, a grandfather, a business owner, and a council member. But beyond these roles, David was a storyteller. His adventures on water, his craft, and his contributions to Jamestown weave a tale of passion, dedication, and love. He lived life on his terms, carving out his path with unwavering determination.

David Anthony Swain leaves behind an invaluable legacy – one marked by dreams realized, battles fought and won, and memories that will endure into eternity.

On Sunday, November 27th 2022, family, friends, and well-wishers will come together to honor David’s remarkable journey from Louisville, Kentucky to Jamestown RI. A life well-lived and a soul forever cherished.

In David’s memory, the family encourages well-wishers to plant trees, ensuring that his love for nature continues to thrive long after his departure. Alternatively, one can also donate to a cause close to their heart, emphasizing David’s belief in making a difference in any way possible.

Quick FAQ’s on David Anthony Swain

  1. Who were David’s parents?
  2. Where did David reside?
  3. What was one of David’s major passions?
    • Scuba diving and other water activities.
  4. When is the memorial service for David?
  5. Where will the memorial service be held?
    • Cranston-Murphy Funeral Home, North Kingstown, RI.

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